If you love making things, discovering new use for things, mixing craft elements and getting so excited over new creative ways to live…you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to craftsavvy.wordpress.com!

  • Do you make gifts more often than buy because you feel they are worth far more than some mass produced item from a store?
  • Are you obsessed with having and making things that no one else has just to stand out from the clutter of the world?
  • Do you scour stores in search of buying something totally unique and interesting with a great sale pricetag attached?
  • Do you get excited when you come up with a creative idea and just want to tell the world?
  • Do you allow yourself to share the creative mind with all who wish to be inspired?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you will love my blog.

10 things about Ashley

  1. I am a busy bee always
  2. I am a Marketing Manager at a community-market, content creator and marketer of products and services for enthusiasts.
  3. I ❤ dogs
  4. A perfect Saturday morning is sleeping in, waking to coffee on the porch with my craft magazines
  5. I have lived in the following places: Ohio, Denver, Atlanta, China, Vancouver…next?
  6. I have a passion for eco-tourism and developing ways consumers can add monthly eco-tourism efforts to help drive sustainability while enjoying it
  7. Wine-O
  8. Sales seems to pull me in like a fishing reel during salmon snaggin’ season
  9. I will always make time & $ to eat well, craft often and travel as much and as often as possible
  10. As an adult I want to be creative, healthy and happy…

I hope this blog inspires you!

Happy reading!

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