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5 Unique Crafty Accessories of the Week

  1. Zipper Flower:
  2. Seat Belt Pillow:
  3. Twine Covered Wine Vase:
  4. Cabinet Door Serving Tray:
  5. Make your own Fabric KeyChain:

Growth of Craft Careers


Craft Blogger. Craftista. Scrap Coordinator. All of these are job titles within the craft industry. Two words: HOW FUN! When the economy goes down crafting goes up. Odd concept, but it’s the truth. I also think the spike in entrepreneurship as a whole is aiding to these craft jobs within the industry. People are less interested in staying in dead-end jobs and more interested in making money doing what they love. All and all…people are looking to love life again.

The craft industry pie used to be divided into three parts: those who make crafts, those who sell crafts and those who craft as a hobby. I can’t even begin to tell you the # of parts inside the craft industry pie now. It’s exciting. Crafts have become the new “need” vs. “want” inside household budgets.  The Craft Council UK wrote a great piece on the growth of this industry in the United Kingdom…read more:

It is thrilling to see where we are going with so many creative minds leading 🙂